Ticket to Hope

Four Men Travel Across the Country to Plead for God's Word to be Translated into Their Language

They rode the train all night to get there. The four men had pooled their resources and scraped together just enough hrynvi to purchase tickets for the 14-hour trip from their village in far southwestern Ukraine to the town of Kherson. These pastors, leaders in their community, had heard about an important meeting of missionaries who translated the Bible into local languages. They wanted to be there.

New Testaments Dedicated in Six Languages

Ten years ago a small team of missionaries was praying for a solution to the needs of Bibleless people groups in East Africa.  God gave them a vision to form and equip teams of mother-tongue translators to work in several related languages at the same time. 

Instruments of War, Instruments of Worship

A series of “coincidences” are part of God’s plan to bring church and Scripture to the Naas

Sunlight filtered through the woven branches of the crowded shelter onto the refugees seated in its shade. The worship leader plucked a raboba , a local stringed instrument. Two other men kept the beat on handmade brass drums fashioned from artillery shell casings. Over and over the worshipers sang of God’s peace. I marveled at how instruments of the war that had driven these refugees from their homes had become instruments for celebrating their newfound peace in Christ.

You Caught Me

Every night before going to bed I take hot tea and cookies to the night guard. I enjoy the chance to visit with whoever is on duty. On this particular evening I was more tired than usual after the excitement of the New Testament dedications, but I still brewed some tea and prepared a plate of cookies.

Big Talk

The Tay Church Uses Scripture to Grow, Mature and Multiply

Yuwolim gazed in awe at the book, gently running his fingers over the words on its cover. As one of the translators who had helped bring the Tay New Testament into existence, he had been anticipating this moment for many years. Holding his own copy for the first time, he opened it carefully and began reading. He only made it through a few sentences before his joy overflowed in laughter. “This is so clear! And it’s finished! After all these years, it is really finished!”

The Senders

Some Serve in Distant Places Because Others Serve by Sending Them

From their suburban home in Arkansas, Russell and Jessica Shaffer gave a West African people group the book of James in their own language.  

A Humble Warrior

A Focus on Prayer Partners

Florence was a humble prayer warrior. Though “humble warrior” may sound like a contradiction, it perfectly describes Florence’s ministry. Every day, many times a day, she knelt in humility before her Lord to battle on behalf of missionaries serving all over the world.

When Two Treks Intersect

As the old man stopped to catch his breath, we stared at him, dumbfounded. He had walked how long to get God’s Word?

God’s Word and Gunpowder Tea

The Friday afternoon heat was blistering. Nevertheless my husband Kirk set out on his usual walk around the village to meet, greet and try out his limited Gaba vocabulary. As he strolled through the village he spied a group of young men taking refuge from the heat in the cool shade of a mango tree. They had spent a long morning toiling in their rice fields. Now they were retreating from the unforgiving sun. 

“God Has Not Forgotten Me”

Anha sat on the outskirts of the group, a mere shell of the woman she had once been. Every spark of life had been snuffed out by the traumas of living through years of civil war, enduring repeated raids of her village by some of the most notorious rebels in the world.

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