Diaspora Group Internship

The Diaspora Group works to disciple marginalized refugees and immigrants in the United States who speak minority languages from all over the world. Many refugees and immigrants come from places that are difficult for missionaries to access, making them uniquely qualified to translate the Scriptures into their language. The Diaspora Group also helps provide Scripture access for these language groups in audio format. Together with partner organizations, they empower and enable refugees and immigrants to record Scripture in their native language. They also help refugees engage the Word through Scripture Impact initiatives. An intern with this department would come alongside our team in Dallas (including potential visits to our teammates in St. Louis) to engage with refugee communities and assist with current projects in which our teams are involved.


Scripture impact, sociolinguistic survey, building relationship with refugees, evangelism, teaching ESL

What kind of interns are we looking for?
  • humble, teachable, servant leaders
  • disciple-makers, linguists, ESL teachers, and educators
  • a heart for refugees
  • out-of-the-box thinkers
  • flexible, adaptive

While we are unable to pay a stipend for the summer, we may be able to assist with housing.

How Do I Apply?

You can apply for an internship by contacting one of our recruiters via email or phone.  After dialoguing with you about which internship allocation is the best fit for your interests, they will send you an information packet including:

  • An electronic application
  • Electronic reference forms
  • Sample budgets

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to send us a message. (Be sure to select the 'recruitment' category.) Or call the recruitment department at (214) 699-4221.

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