Vanuatu Internship

Image titleVanuatu is a beautiful South Pacific Island nation just west of Australia, with 83 islands and over 100 distinct languages. VISTA, a Pioneer Bible translation project, has trained 15 national translators from four of these languages. This summer’s internship team will have the opportunity to visit two islands, Ambae and Pentecost, where they will spend three weeks visiting each translation project and some of the villages they serve.

Interns will have the chance to experience village life and participate in regular daily activities such as gardening, cooking, washing clothes, and language learning. They will also have the chance to observe village translators at work, help hand out newly printed scripture portions in each of the language groups where Pioneer Bible serves, worship in village churches, and attend community meetings. They will also visit a local school where they’ll be introduced to some of the challenges of education and literacy in the country. Most of the travel will consist of walking and riding in the backs of trucks, as well as small boats.


Scripture impact, literacy, village living, support work

What kind of interns are we looking for?
  • interested in working with small people groups and minority languages
  • excited to learn from others, teachable and passionate about Kingdom work
  • interested in using technology to accomplish Scripture impact in remote areas (i.e. solar power, phone apps, laptop maintenance)
  • adventurous and able to handle physically strenuous activities (i.e. long hikes, sleeping on foam mats, long days of travel by foot, truck, and small boats)
  • enjoys being part of a team

How Do I Apply?

You can apply for an internship by contacting one of our recruiters via email or phone.  After dialoguing with you about which internship allocation is the best fit for your interests, they will send you an information packet including:

  • An electronic application
  • Electronic reference forms
  • Sample budgets

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