West Africa Internship – Gulf Coast

Image titleIn partnership with one of our sister organizations, interns will live and work on a mission farm in West Africa and focus on community development, discipleship, and agri-business. While interns will primarily be plugged into existing agricultural development projects and agri-businesses, the heart and soul of this internship is in seeing how one can use community development and marketplace ministry to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. One of the unique aspects of this internship is that US interns will be partnered with African interns, working on the project as a team.


Discipleship through Business as Mission, literacy, community development, agricultural ministry and development, language learning and micro-finance.

What kind of students are we looking for?
  • humble, teachable, servant leaders
  • hard workers (much of the work is on a demonstration and research farm)
  • early risers (devotions and team prep generally start at 6am)  
  • people with background/passion in community development, working on a farm, education in agri-business, business as mission or international development
  • individuals who want more experience in discipleship and evangelism
  • people open to cross-cultural communication
  • individuals who struggle with complaining spirits should not apply
  • willing to live in rugged circumstances

How Do I Apply?

You can apply for an internship by contacting one of our recruiters via email or phone.  After dialoguing with you about which internship allocation is the best fit for your interests, they will send you an information packet including:

  • An electronic application
  • Electronic reference forms
  • Background screen consent form
  • Sample budgets

Click here to send us a message. (Be sure to select the ‘recruitment’ category.) Or call the recruitment department at (214) 699-4221.

Contact a Recruiter

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