What do Bible translators do after they complete their translation?

Most of the time, they jump around like contestants of the Price Is Right shouting for joy…sorry, we still aren’t funny.

In all seriousness, this varies from missionary to missionary. Pioneer Bible Translators does not consider a project “completed” until there is enduring access to the translated Word of God in the language people understand and it is being used by a local church which is using it to plant other churches. Thus, some missionaries stay in the project and continue in discipleship and evangelistic endeavors.

Some people start a second translation. Many continue the work of translation by becoming Translation consultants for other projects.

Some people come back to the states to train the next generation of missionaries in our International Service Center..

Others follow the Lord’s leading on their lives and pursue the mission God takes them to. The moment we quit listening and following the Spirit’s guiding is the moment we start dying.

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