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Demons Defeated!

My friend Mamadu had problems. Not first world problems. It wasn’t his twitter account or programming his TV, I mean problems. He had epilepsy that the local witch doctors treated until he got so demon possessed he became a raving, uncontrollable menace. In his own words he couldn’t see human skin without trying to bite you. He said that the sorcerers of the village had closed his throat and for 12 days no water or food would pass. Everyone around him was just waiting for him to quit screaming and die.

The Tay People of Papua New Guinea Dedicate their New Testament

In the midst of the joyful, traditionally garbed, swirling, dancing Tay men and women, these words were sung over and over again: "God’s Word travelled and travelled and then arrived, right in the middle of the Tay! And we are happy, happy, happy, happy, happy, God’s Word makes us happy!” Their exuberant dancing and singing and ear-to-ear smiles said it all. After decades of waiting, God’s Word in Tay, their beloved heart language, had finally arrived.

Hope Still Floats

Vibrant green hues of vast swamplands stand out in defiance to the hazy gray, Southeast Asia sky. Our single-propeller float plane cuts through the mist and starts its descent. Feelings of anxiety and nervousness are replaced with mounting anticipation. In a matter of minutes our exploratory team will step off the plane and into the unknown. Reports indicate that the village below us is unreached and unengaged, with no church presence or any known believers. I ask the Lord again to help us find a person of peace.