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Global Mobilization

The Global Mobilization Division develops the capacity of the global church to disciple the Bibleless.

Pioneer Bible Translators partners with like-minded agencies to recruit, train, and send teammates from other countries. Each partnering agency embraces the core values and ideal culture of Pioneer Bible Translators, while at the same time creating an environment appropriate to its own culture.

These teammates are working to fill the gaps in the Bible translation movement so that we and our partners will see churches with Scripture transforming every language group on Earth by 2050.

God has given His mission to His people throughout the world. Churches throughout the world are embracing their part in the Great Commission and want to bring God’s Word to the Bibleless. They recognize the experience and expertise of Pioneer Bible Translators. Pioneer Bible Translators recognizes that we need international teammates to fulfill the mission that God has given us.

The diversity and abilities they bring are blessing this movement. In some areas of the world, believers from other countries can enter, remain in, and gain cultural acceptance more easily than North Americans.

As believers from around the world partner together, they are partnering with God to fulfill his mission.

Global Mobilization Team

    Anthony Parker, DMin
    Anthony Parker, DMin

    Global Mobilization Officer

    Rondal Smith, PhD
    Rondal Smith, PhD

    Director, European Recruitment and Development

    Paul Goddard, EdD
    Paul Goddard, EdD

    Global Leadership Strategist

    Jan Barczuk
    Jan Barczuk

    Director, Pioneer Bible Translators of Poland

    Valdecy DaSilva, DMin
    Valdecy DaSilva, DMin

    President, Executive President, Missão Pioneiros da Bíblia in Brazil

    Inga Richardson
    Inga Richardson

    Administrator, Pioneer Bible Translators of Canada

    International Partners

      Pioneer Bible Translators of Canada
      Bible Translators of Ukraine (Ukrainian version)
      Bible Translators of Ukraine
      Pioneer Bible Translators Poland logo
      Pioneer Bible Translators Poland
      Pioneers of the Bible Mission


      Our Language Bible Foundation in Indonesia
      Foundation DWI Pranata Atmaja in Indonesia

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