Marketplace Engagement

Use your mind for business to grow God’s Kingdom.

You can bridge the gap between Bibleless people and the Church through Marketplace Engagement.

Whether you’re a business major who’s just starting out, a skilled laborer with years of experience, or the CEO of a multinational corporation, God can use you to open doors for Bible translation through Marketplace Engagement.

With over 40 years of cross-cultural experience, Pioneer Bible Translators can equip you with the skills you’ll need to adapt your business education and experience to any cross-cultural context.

What does Marketplace Engagement look like at Pioneer Bible Translators?

Pioneer Bible realizes there are many approaches to supporting Marketplace Engagement. It is our desire to walk alongside teammates embarking on business ventures to support them, their family, and their business and ministry.

The primary objective of Marketplace Engagement for Pioneer Bible is to strategically position people to serve in creative access regions through an intentional approach of sustainable business.

Many governments resistant to religious workers welcome business that grow their economies. Christians involved in business have unique opportunities to impact lives globally through an intentional approach combining business with ministry.

Authentic Businesses, Led by Authentic Christians

These are real businesses, trades, and professional positions with a Kingdom-focused difference: they offer you the opportunity to do business in places where traditional approaches to evangelism and discipleship aren’t possible.

Through Marketplace Engagement…

  • You can alleviate economic hardship among least-reached people groups while minimizing external dependence.
  • You’ll build organic relationships with unreached people. Your local friends and business colleagues may encounter Christ for the first time through you.
  • Your business, trade, or expertise can provide strategic access to the least reached — people with no Bible and no church.

Pioneer Bible Translators can equip you for an exciting business career that uses your talents to expand God’s Kingdom through Marketplace Engagement.

Becoming A Mentor

In some hard-to-reach places, as much as three years of experience in a relevant position is required before a business can be opened.

As a mentor, you’ll be passing on skills and providing experience to a Pioneer Bible teammate. Our qualified teammate — your apprentice— will take what you taught them and live out their faith while operating a business among unreached people groups.

If you conduct business internationally, you might already be working near a Bibleless community.

By considering a Pioneer Bible Translators teammate for your hiring needs, you could provide strategic access to hard-to-reach communities. And you would gain an employee who is committed to living and acting like Christ in and out of the workplace.

We don’t want made-up positions or fake businesses. You would be hiring qualified business professionals. Their purpose would be to reflect Christ through their life and work ethic.

Run a Business Overseas

Work as Christ’s follower among the least reached.

Start a real business or work in the marketplace where traditional approaches to evangelism aren’t possible. Your genuine faith lived out in the marketplace could be a Bibleless person’s first opportunity to interact with a Christian.

Mentor Future Leaders

Empower others to engage in the marketplace among the Bibleless by passing on your skills and experience.

You can accelerate an apprentice’s timeline by providing them with the experience and expertise they need to live intentionally in the marketplace overseas. The Christian business people you mentor will provide strategic access to Bibleless people groups in places where traditional approaches to evangelism are not possible.

Become an Apprentice

Serve Christ with your career and bring about meaningful change.

Work with a mentor to gain strategic business and discipleship experience that prepare you for cross-cultural ministry in Marketplace Engagement.

Your Pathway as an Apprentice

You Are Here

You are a business student who desires to serve Christ in your work and to bring about meaningful change.

Coaching and Job Placement

We provide a career coach who will help you gain perspective on how Marketplace Engagement can work. Your coach will also guide you so you can navigate opportunities and decisions with confidence.

Stateside Experience

You will gain strategic business and disciple-making experience while working for and learning from a designated business mentor.

Cross-Cultural Readiness

We prepare you for effective cross-cultural impact through focused training while you work. This preparation includes an investigative trip to your potential place of service.

Marketplace Location

You take your business and disciple-making skillsets to the community to which God has led you, bringing human flourishing and life transformation through your marketplace engagement.

Want to Know More?

You never know what’s possible unless you ask. Let’s talk about how God can use you to make an eternal difference through Pioneer Bible Translators’ Marketplace Engagement.