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Churches using Scripture to grow, mature, and multiply in every language community on Earth by 2050 — this is the vision of Pioneer Bible Translators. Working in unity with other organizations in the Bible translation movement, we envision the day when there will be no more Bibleless people. 

Our part in this unified work is to translate Scripture and make disciples among 300 least-reached language groups — people in places where there is no Scripture and no church. Already God has placed us in over 100 of these languages. Many of the remaining languages are spoken in hard-to-reach places where North American missionaries are not welcome. Or they are signed languages used by marginalized Deaf communities. 

God is positioning us to step into this future. 

  • Pioneer Bible Translators is now a global movement with sending partners in Canada, Brazil, Ukraine, and Poland. 
  • God is building our capacity to minister holistically in ways that open doors that are otherwise closed. 
  • He is bringing refugees from Bibleless places to locations where we and our partners can serve them. 
  • He is equipping Deaf and hearing teammates to communicate His Word in Deaf communities. 
  • He is expanding opportunities to come alongside national believers who have a passion to translate Scripture and make disciples. 

As we continue to pray and follow God’s lead, we move into our future with confidence that He will “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Ephesians 3:20). 

Pioneer Bible Translators: A Timeline of Firsts

1974 Pioneer Bible Translation and Recruiting Service established primarily to recruit Bible translators  

1976 Pioneer Bible Translators established to recruit, train, and send missionaries 

1977 First missionary families arrive in Papua New Guinea

1980 First missionary family arrives in Africa

1988 First missionary family arrives in West Africa

1992 First complete book of the Bible published 

1996 PBT Canada founded to send our first non-U.S. missionary family

1997 First missionary family arrives in East Africa 

1999 First missionary family arrives in Eurasia 

2001 First complete New Testament published

2012 First full Bible published 

2014 First oral translation project begins

2014 First diaspora ministry begins among refugees from a Bibleless people group

2015 First translations by the future PBU begin for Roma people in Ukraine

2016 Bible Translators of Ukraine (PBU) established

2017 Missão Pioneiros da Bíblia (PBT-Brazil) established

2018 Deaf Ministries established to serve Bibleless Deaf communities

2018 Pioneer Bible Translators Poland established

2022 First missionary sent by MPB to West Africa

2022 First MPB translation project in Brazil begins

2022 Fifth full Bible published

The Bible Doesn’t Exist in Every Language — Yet.

Right now, more than 1,600 language groups are still waiting for God’s Word. But working together, our generation can translate Scripture into every viable language on Earth.

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