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Marie Suzanne’s Home Was Burned Because of Her Faith!

You helped her stay strong in her walk with Jesus and share God’s Word with all who would listen.

Marie Suzanne is a faithful Jesus follower who speaks the Toma language. She recently endured a hardship that tested her faith.

Your support of the Toma Bible translation project helped Marie Suzanne through this very difficult time.

For years, Marie Suzanne was involved in a committee of Toma speakers who checked to be sure the Toma translation was understandable to everyone. She is also a dedicated evangelist.

Recently, violence erupted in Marie Suzanne’s area, and she was targeted because of her strong Christian leadership. Her home was burned to the ground, and she lost everything she owned.

Not long after her home burned down, Marie Suzanne showed up at the next Toma Bible translation committee meeting. Her faith and determination were stronger than ever!

The one thing Marie Suzanne didn’t lose was the Word of God hidden in her heart.

“If I have the eternal God, nothing can frighten me or trouble me,” she said.

Thank you for helping provide the Scripture that brought Marie Suzanne so much comfort. She continues to share God’s Word far and wide with anybody who will listen!

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