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She Was Beaten … But Chose to Forgive

You helped Kaja share Jesus’ love and forgiveness with her attackers!

Kaja’s faith in Jesus was strengthened through her husband’s translation work. When some jealous women in the community brutally beat her, she was able to show them love and forgiveness.

Kaja grew up in the midst of war. She has spent the last decade living in a refugee camp with her young family. Like others from her rural community, she was raised following an animistic religion.

You helped Kaja live out her faith in Jesus when her neighbors turned on her.

When Kaja and her husband became followers of Jesus and leaders in the young church, some community women became jealous. Kaja’s life was different, and they didn’t understand why she was set apart.

One day when Kaja’s husband was away, these women came to her home and brutally beat her. She was treated at a local clinic, and the women were arrested. These women were threatened with jail time and told to pay a hefty fine.

But Kaja and her husband shocked the community! They publicly forgave the women and vowed not to accept any money from them. Kaja lived out her faith and chose forgiveness instead of paying back hurt for hurt.

Your support of Bible translation is helping to build communities where love and forgiveness are shared in a new way. And whole families are learning to follow Jesus as their Savior!

Thank you for your support and prayers — you are making a big difference for Jesus Christ in communities all over the world!

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