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You are reaching the people of Vanuatu with God’s Word in the aftermath of a devastating cyclone.

“God, don’t let the coconut tree fall on the solar panel,” Morrie prayed. “Let me be able to keep translating the Bible into Apma.”

Outside, Tropical Cyclone Harold raged against Vanuatu’s Pentecost Island. The 170 mph gusts of wind destroyed houses, uprooted trees, and flattened crops.

Morrie, a 71-year-old Bible translator, kept praying.

A violent gust of wind snapped the coconut tree in half. The top flew all the way over Morrie’s roof. By the end of the storm, Morrie’s home had been badly damaged — but the solar panel was untouched.

God answered Morrie’s prayer that day.

And God is using your generosity to help answer another prayer of his: to have the Bible in his own Apma language.

Morrie’s life-long dream has been to translate the Bible into Apma. He worked for over two decades helping translate the Bible into Bislama, a national language. But for many years he had no access to the resources he needed for translating God’s Word into his own language.

Your generous donations are making Morrie’s dream — the Apma translation — come true.

Morrie and his teammate Dick, a retired schoolteacher who is also 71, “are among the hardest-working Bible translators in Vanuatu,” according to the missionary who serves as their advisor. “They work like their lives depend on it. They are desperate to bring God’s Word into their language before they die.”

Thank you for empowering these translators to give God’s Word to their own people.

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