Donor Impact Story

You Gave the New Testament to the Waran

Now the Waran people have God’s Word in their own language—forever!

In June the Waran people of Papua New Guinea celebrated the New Testament in their own language. For three joyous days the beat of bamboo drums echoed through the village from early morning until late at night. People danced and sang songs like Ban da Wundu Waran—“there is no other way to the Father’s village, except through Jesus!”

People wept for joy at having God’s Word.

Konamby Gos, who helped with the translation, acknowledged the vital role that you and others played. “We have the New Testament because of the American churches’ support. We are very happy!”

“Every Waran person should hear the Gospel,” Konamby continued. “The Word is truth, and it will give life to people.”

As you read this, the Word of God in the Waran language is already transforming lives!

God is using you to change the lives of the Waran people and so many others. Thank you!

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You are making an eternal investment by giving God’s life-changing Word to people who have never had it before!

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