Donor Impact Story

You Provided Scripture That Changed a Whole Community!

The Aruamu people went from being Bibleless to partnering in fulfilling the Great Commission.

The Aruamu people had no Bible in their own language. You helped provide a translation, and now the community is seeking the Lord!

Deep in a mountainous jungle in Papua New Guinea, the Aruamu people started out with no Bible in their own language. You changed that through your support, and God’s Word has transformed them.

They began seeking the Lord’s direction for how they could grow His Kingdom.

Through much prayer and discussion, Aruamu pastors and key leaders decided to start a Bible college to train other Aruamus as pastors and missionaries. This college is now equipping people to preach, teach, and share the Gospel!

Your support was critical in their journey from being Bibleless to helping fulfill the Great Commission!

The Bible college is now a key tool for the Aruamu church to train and send out church planters and missionaries. Graduates are sharing the Gospel in other communities as well as their own.

Thank you for your part in this great news! You provided a Bible translation that started a ripple effect among the Aruamu people 
and beyond!

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You are making an eternal investment by giving God’s life-changing Word to people who have never had it before!

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