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Translate Luke into Kinyamulenge!

Every $35 Translates One Verse of Scripture

People who speak Kinyamulenge, like many other people groups, are still waiting to have the Bible translated into their language.  

In recent years thousands have fled ethnic violence in their homeland, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Many now live as refugees in the U.S.

And God is using this tragedy to open the door for Bible translation for the entire people group, regardless of where they now live! 

Your help is necessary to complete this translation.

Your generous gift of $35 will translate a verse of Luke into Kinyamulenge.

It is your kindness that will enable them to have Luke’s Gospel in the language they know best.

Your donation will go far beyond translating a verse — it will open the door to so much more.

In fact, when people receive God’s Word in their own language, they start to know God. They grow spiritually through the Scriptures. They find Christ in His Word. And they share Him with others!

Will you send a gift of $35 to fund one of the verses of Luke? 

God will use your gift to make an eternal difference for the people who speak Kinyamulenge. 

For the first time — in their own language — they can have the story of salvation revealed in Luke’s Gospel.

So please, send your gift today. Every $35 you give will translate a verse of Scripture. They will be so glad you gave!

If gifts received exceed the cost of this project, your gift will be used to translate Scripture for others who still wait.

Consider giving through your checking or savings account online: choose the “Give Online” option above and select EFT as your payment type.

Make checks payable to Pioneer Bible Translators and mail them to:

Pioneer Bible TranslatorsAttn: Verse by VersePO Box 380820Duncanville, Texas 75138-0820

Please enclose a note separately from the check that your gift is for Verse by Verse Code G-2106VBV-M1, or specify for the Ministry of (missionary name).


All contributions are made with the understanding that Pioneer Bible Translators has complete control and administration over the use of donated funds. All contributions to Pioneer Bible Translators are tax deductible for United States income tax purposes.

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