In the Desert

A fire and a cloud.
Set up like flag poles,
Waving in the night,
Waving under the sun.
Heat in the night,
Shade in the day.
Lord, guide my way.

“If you lack wisdom…”
He says.
You mean when, not if.
My muscles stay stiff.
Daily is my norm,
Nightly is my trial.
Lord, guide me all the while.

Relax. Give it up.
Don’t try to be so tough.
Look in My eyes.
Open your heart.
I am not distant,
Don’t be so resistant.
Lord, give me assistance.

Little white wafers
Litter the ground.
One by one
Till my daily quota is complete.
Each a reminder
That He is the one who satisfies.
Lord, remind me until I’m fortified.

Relax. Give it up.
Don’t try to be so tough.
Open your hands,
Pick it up.
Do not despise it.
Taste it first.
Lord, fill me till I burst.

At first a trickle,
So little for so many.
Then a gush
That becomes a pool.
Clay pots gather the desert treasure.
Each traveler tastes the pleasure.
Lord, lead me to your streams forever.

Relax. Give it up.
Don’t try to be so tough.
Drink deep
Till your thirst is quenched.
Do not stop.
His quiet provision is life.
Lord, lead me out of my self-caused strife.

“If you lack wisdom…”
Turn to Him.He gives ever so generously.
His whisper is quiet, yet firm.
His truth melts your concern.
He cares; He weeps.
Lord, nudge me to lay it down at your feet.

Brad Willits, PhD
Brad Willits has served as Pioneer Bible Translators’ Field Ministry Officer since 2015, overseeing the work of all field personnel and opening new field locations. He regularly holds on-site workshops for national and expat translators and also serves as a Bible translation consultant. In 1988 Brad closed 16 years of ministry as a church planter in Italy and moved to West Africa, where he served as a Bible translator, literacy evangelist, and director of the West Africa team. He led a team that translated the full Bible into the Susu language. He has also taught linguistics at the university level. Brad holds a Ph.D. in Bible translation from Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. He and his wife Estel have four adult children. 
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