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Coaching Program

Our training coaches will help you prepare for the calling God has placed on your life.

Pioneer Bible Translators provides an extensive training program that will thoroughly prepare you for missionary life, but we don’t stop there.

It takes more than a plane ticket and a passport to serve long-term. You’ll need skills for thriving in your host culture as part of a larger team. You’ll also need to equip yourself to thrive spiritually in challenging environments.

You won’t have to manage this on your own.

When you join Pioneer Bible Translators, your training coach will walk with you every step of the way.

For more than a decade, Pioneer Bible’s training coaches have been helping our teammates prepare for overseas ministry.

Your training coach is

Your Guide

Pioneer Bible Translators training coaches have guided hundreds of teammates through pre-field training. Whether or not you know exactly what God is calling you to do, one of our life coaches will be there to help you select the training plan that is right for you.

Your Ally

Your coach will walk alongside you on your training journey. Through ongoing intentional conversations, your coach will empower you to accomplish the goals you set as you pursue God’s calling.

Your Encourager

Pioneer Bible’s pre-field training takes 18 – 36 months of full-time commitment. Your coach will be there to celebrate your pre-field training milestones and help you adjust your timeline if something knocks you off course.

Your training coach is not

Your Boss

You’re the expert on you. The initiative in the coaching relationship belongs to you. While your coach will hold you accountable to your training plan, you decide when to take the next step.

Your Counselor
Your coach is not a professional counselor. If counseling resources would be helpful to you, your coach can refer you to our Care team. The Care team can help you find the right resources for your specific needs.
Your Instructor
An instructor wants to pass on their knowledge to you. While you can seek instruction from your coach, that’s not our goal. Your training coach will help you understand your priorities and needs as you seek God’s direction into ministry.
Having a coach to walk alongside you through pre-field training is one of the ways we model our desire to minister well together. We don’t just want you to fill a role or work a job. We want to equip you to engage in fruitful ministry that honors God as a relationally healthy member of a team.