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Your generosity helped start our 100th Bible translation. Thank you!

Because of Your Faithfulness, Jesus’ Words Will Be Heard in Kinyamulenge

Victor struggled to understand the Bible.

Victor speaks Kinyamulenge, and the Bible did not exist in Kinyamulenge.

He used translations in Swahili and French. He even tried reading a Bible translation in a language similar to Kinyamulenge.

But he discovered that many of its words had opposite meanings.

These differences caused him to miss promises and teachings found in God’s Word.

He began to pray that God would let his people have Scripture in their own language.

God is using your concern and compassion for Bibleless people to answer Victor’s prayer.

For more than 35 years, Victor has longed to have the Bible in his own language. And now, because of your generosity, the Kinyamulenge Bible translation has started!

And thanks to your faithful support, the Kinyamulenge translation is Pioneer Bible Translators’ 100th project! You aren’t just providing God’s message of love and salvation for Victor and his people. You’re giving it to millions of others, too!

You are providing God’s message of love and salvation for Victor and his people — and for millions of others!

Kinyamulenge-speaking refugees living in the U.S., along with a Pioneer Bible Translators missionary, have begun translating God’s Word, starting with the Gospel of Luke.

For Victor and his war-ravaged people in Central Africa, Jesus was a foreigner who did not speak their language.

They had a French Jesus, a Swahili Jesus, an English Jesus. Now, they will have Emmanuel — “God with us” — a Jesus who speaks their language!

Thank you for making Victor’s dream come true. Thank you for making it possible for his people to know the Jesus who speaks Kinyamulenge.

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