Donor Impact Story

You Helped Change Martin’s Life Through Bible Translation

Martin became a follower of Jesus while translating the Bible into the Aruamu language!

Martin began work as a Bible translator before he knew the Lord. Today his life is completely different because of a Bible translation YOU made possible!

Martin lives in Papua New Guinea. When Pioneer Bible missionaries asked young people to join in on translating the Bible into the Aruamu language, Martin said yes!

When Martin started doing Bible translation, he would teach his wife and children the things he was learning from God’s Word. He became a follower of Jesus, and this affected his whole family!

Martin’s wife Anna shares, “Taking part in the translation process has really changed my husband’s life. In the past he was full of anger, but now anger no longer exists in his heart. He is full of peace, humble, and a peacemaker.”

Now Martin has a good family life, thanks to all that he’s learned from the Word of God.

Today Martin is passionate about teaching Aruamu children to read and write in their own language so they can read God’s Word themselves.

Your support for this Aruamu translation changed Martin’s life and made his family stronger. Praise God! Thank you for your faithfulness!

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