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God is expanding the impact of your giving!

Once a Bibleless people, the Rewe of East Africa are now evangelizing and discipling others.

The Rewe people of East Africa were Bibleless. But thanks to generous people like you, the Rewe New Testament was finished in 2015 and the Old Testament is now being translated.

Your compassion for the Bibleless is changing lives.

Reading Scripture in their own language inspired Rewe Christians to share the Good News of Jesus with their neighbors. They wanted to know how to lead discipleship-focused Bible studies. So they asked for training.

You helped provide the training they wanted. Their response to this opportunity was immediate — 40 Rewe Christians jumped at it and filled all the available training slots.

The participants learned how to host small Bible reading groups in their homes. They learned a series of questions to ask as they engaged with Scripture.

You have shown compassion and generosity to others, and God is multiplying your impact!

After the seminar finished, the Rewe believers got to work. They started discipleship groups. They began equipping others to make disciples. They met with people who wanted to learn more about Jesus.

God’s Word began to reach the hearts of their neighbors, many of whom would never have entered a church building.

Because you care about lost people, Rewe believers are equipped to share God’s Word with their neighbors, and people are becoming Christians!

A few weeks after the seminar, some of these newly equipped disciple makers began reaching out to a neighboring people group. This group speaks a different language and follows another religion. Very few among them are Christians. Yet already two from this people group have professed faith in Jesus and have been baptized.

You have shown compassion and generosity to others, and God is multiplying your impact!

Believers in four more people groups in East Africa — all largely unreached — have also received this training. More than 160 people are now equipped and inspired to share God’s Word, and this number continues to grow.

Thank you for being so faithful to God’s Word and equipping local believers to share the Good News!

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