Donor Impact Story

God’s Word Transforms Lives—and Marriages!

Because you gave Scripture, Kalaya is seeing for himself the transforming power of Jesus Christ!

Kalaya was ready to divorce his wife. That all changed when he heard God’s Word that you helped translate into his language.

A visitor came to his village in East Africa. Juma offered to read aloud some Scripture in Kalaya’s language. Afterwards the two men struck up a conversation. Kalaya told Juma that he planned to end his marriage.

Juma knew that God’s Word could give guidance to Kalaya. He read verses that illuminated God’s grace, His desire for peace, and His hatred of divorce. He showed Kalaya that God’s Word tells a husband to love and take care of his wife.

These words changed Kalaya’s heart. He decided to stay with his wife and work to improve his relationship with her.

Because you gave the gift of Scripture in his own language, Kalaya heard it, understood it, and is beginning to live by it. He is experiencing for himself the transforming power of Jesus!

Through the generosity of you and others like you, the entire New Testament now exists in Kalaya’s language. Printed copies will be available soon, and already people can read it on their phones.

Kalaya and more than one million others who speak this language can now encounter the life-changing Word of God—because you gave.

Ready to Make Your Next Gift?

You are making an eternal investment by giving God’s life-changing Word to people who have never had it before!

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