Donor Impact Story

“I am learning that God is very, very powerful.”

You helped get the Creation story and other parts of Genesis translated for the Bak’r people

You funded 12 key stories from Genesis for the Bak’r people of Southeast Asia. God is already using these portions of His Word to teach them truths about Himself.

Nisa and Nanda knew that God has power. But they didn’t realize how powerful He really is. That began to change when they helped translate the story of how He created the world in Genesis 1 and 2.

Thanks to your generosity, these two women now know that God’s voice holds the power of creation.

Nisa told one of our teammates, “I’m learning that God is very, very powerful.” Nanda added, “Yes! At first there was nothing. And God just spoke, and light was created. He just spoke, and animals were created. Everything was created by God like that.”

And that’s not even the best part.

God used the story of Adam and Eve’s sin in Genesis 3 to reveal the Good News of Jesus. Thank you for making that happen!

As Nisa, Nanda, and a whole room full of Bak’r people discussed the translation, they heard about the One who would crush the serpent’s head.

They asked, “Who is this man?!” Our teammates then explained that “this man” is Jesus and this promise points to Him as their Savior.

God is using your generosity and the process of Bible translation to reveal Jesus to Nisa, Nanda, and all the Bak’r people. Thank you for making an eternal impact!

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