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Jeffrey Has Scripture in His Own Language – Thanks to You!

Jeffrey’s life was changed when he heard a Bible story in his own language.

Jeffrey became a believer when Christian evangelists brought the Gospel to his remote village in Papua New Guinea. But the core beliefs and practices of his community’s animistic culture continued to direct how he lived.

The only Scriptures available to Jeffrey were in another language, not the Apal language. Something was missing.

Jeffrey attended the little church in his village. One day his life was changed when he heard Bible stories shared in his own language. It was clear — his people needed Scripture in their own language!

Jeffrey became one of the core members of the Apal translation team, and it changed his life! Your support of this translation had an impact from the very beginning!

Recently Jeffrey got to hold a copy of the Apal Scriptures he helped translate.

“It was a holy moment,” missionary teammates shared. “He couldn’t keep the tears from flowing. … His tears were shed for the decades of hardship and faith and joy that had brought the Word of God into his language.”

Having the Bible in their own language has changed everything for Jeffrey and his whole community! Thank you for making this possible!

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