Donor Impact Story

Thanks to you, Atya is drawing near to God!

And he is translating the Bible for his own people.

Atya grew up in South Asia. Like most of his neighbors, he was a devout Hindu. Very few Christians lived among his people.

Atya knew one Christian well. His name was Rahul, and he was a friend of Atya’s family. After Atya’s father died, Rahul paid for Atya to attend college. Atya was surprised at this generosity.

The Bible did not exist in Atya’s language. So he did not understand the love and care that his Christian friend showed.

Thanks to your generosity, Bible translation work began among Atya’s people.

When the team finished translating the Gospel of Luke, they needed people to help them check it. Rahul recommended Atya.

Because of your faithfulness, God’s Word is transforming Atya’s life.

Atya seemed to enjoy reading Scripture in his own language and talking about what it meant. One day when he showed up to help, his forehead was marked with sandalwood paste and red paint. He was about to begin a pilgrimage of several hundred miles — barefoot.

But first, before he left, he wanted to hear more of the Bible in his own language.

Atya completed his pilgrimage. And now he has started a new journey.

Atya felt so compelled by reading God’s Word in his own language that he decided to join the translation team. He is now immersed in Scripture. He is coming to know the hope of salvation he can have through Jesus. The Bible is changing his life.

Thank you for caring about Bibleless people. Because you care, Atya is coming closer to God. As his own journey continues, he is helping his people receive God’s Word in their own language.

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