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You’re Writing a Cinderella Story for the Crimean Roma!

Your kindness will let them live “happily ever after” with Jesus.

Zalushka has an unusual name. It means “Cinderella” in Russian, and that’s what people call her.

Her story is also unusual. Against her family’s wishes, Cinderella became a Christian.

Christianity was a foreign religion for most of her people. The Bible existed only in the language of people who had marginalized them.

When Cinderella began to follow Jesus, her family tried to change her mind. They wouldn’t let her go to church. They wouldn’t let her have a Bible. But her faith endured and her life began to change.

She dreamed that some day, her people would experience the same transformation.

On behalf of the Crimean Roma — thank you! Your faithful, generous support made it possible to begin translating God’s Word.

Cinderella became a Bible translator, and her dream began to come true. She and her team recently published the Gospel of Luke.

Because of your faithfulness, Christianity is no longer a foreign religion for Cinderella’s people.

She took copies of the beautifully bound Gospel of Luke to a large family gathering. Despite their opposition to Cinderella’s faith, her family received the book with reverence and awe. Some were in tears.

Cinderella’s mother sat for a long time reading it, then put it in the place of highest honor in the room. She told the children that this book is sacred.

Because of your faithfulness, Cinderella’s people are now reading God’s Word in their own language! Christianity is no longer a foreign religion. Jesus is speaking Crimean Roma.

Thank you for caring about Bibleless people like Cinderella and the Crimean Roma. Your kindness has given them the opportunity to live “happily ever after” with Jesus.

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You are making an eternal investment by giving God’s life-changing Word to people who have never had it before!

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