Donor Impact Story

You’ve Created the Foundation for the Dumas People to Know Jesus

Thank you for helping translate 25 Old Testament stories into their language!

God used your generosity to bring great joy to the Dumas people in Southeast Asia! You helped fund the translation of 25 Old Testament stories into their language. These stories are laying the foundation for the Dumas people to know Jesus as Savior. Thank you for giving them such an incredible gift!

Eka, a Dumas man, dreamed of having the Bible in his own language. He felt God calling him to translate it. But alone and without tools or training, he did not see how this could happen.

You revived Eka’s dream of translating God’s Word into the Dumas language through your generosity.

With your help, Eka now has the resources he needs.

He no longer works alone. He now leads a well-equipped team of Dumas translators.

Eka has committed the rest of his life to translating the Bible into the language that he and his people speak.

God used your generosity to fuel Eka’s passion. He and the team he leads have already given their people 25 Old Testament stories that point to Jesus. And they didn’t stop there! They’re now working diligently to translate the Gospel of Luke.

Thanks to you, Eka and other Dumas believers no longer have to dream about having the Bible in their own language. God is using your faithfulness to make their dreams come true.

Ready to Make Your Next Gift?

You are making an eternal investment by giving God’s life-changing Word to people who have never had it before!

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