O Come, All Ye Pilgrims

O come, come, ye shepherds,
leave your land and livestock,
foll’wing the tidings that the angels tell.
Come find new shelter in a borrowed stable
where sleeps a homeless infant,
the shepherd king’s descendant,
and God himself incarnate:

O come, come, ye wise men,
travel from your country,
foll’wing the promise of a kingdom to come.
Lay down your treasures and travel in his footsteps —
the holy royal Pilgrim
who gave up heaven’s kingdom,
to lead us in his wisdom,
and bring us home.

O come, Mary, Joseph,
journey through the desert,
foll’wing the ancient trail of Abraham.
Set out not knowing where you’ll lay your head down
and with your Child wander,
not knowing how much longer,
till fin’lly you glimpse yonder
the promised land.

O come, all ye faithful,
join the pilgrim journey,
foll’wing an ancient cloud of witnesses.
Come, naught withholding, knowing that our kingdom
is not in crowns and castles
but on the path we travel,
within the Tabernacle
who travels with us.

Esther Greenfield

Esther Anne Greenfield is a poet, missionary, third-culture kid, and mother. She learned to walk and write poetry in East Africa, and she fell in love with her husband on a summer internship in West Africa. Today they live in North Africa, with the goal of sharing God's Word with least-reached people. Esther's writings are inspired by her life in Africa and her love for Jesus. She blogs at

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