Logistics Coordinator

Logistics Coordinators ensure that details, people, plans, and systems function well so that missionaries have the resources to do their jobs well.


  • Loving people through service and organization
  • Working through details, transportation arrangement, and event coordination to support the big picture
  • Advancing the Kingdom of God by supporting missionaries


  • Strong communication skills
  • Attention to detail and ability to problem solve
  • Strong organizational skills in tracking both resources and personnel
  • Ability to streamline processes and multi-task

Logistics Coordinators are problem solvers who help missionaries work efficiently, reduce stress, and assist with day-to-day needs.  These detail-oriented individuals also help our teammates accomplish our shared mission through the purchasing and shipping of equipment and supplies. They track down details, facilitate communication, and coordinate travel plans. These servants of God are often responsible for coordinating the transportation, housing and supplies for our teams.

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