Translation Consultant

Translation Consultants help translation teams move projects through the final stages of the checking process.


  •   Delving into the truth of the Word of God
  •   Clear and accurate communication of Biblical wisdom
  •   Patiently explaining complex or difficult theological issues


  •   Knowledge of Biblical Languages
  •   Strong background in Biblical studies
  •   Skills in teaching and training cross-culturally
  •   Previous experience with a translation project preferred

 The biggest bottleneck to the ministry of Bible translation around the world is in the area of consulting. After all the difficult labor of drafting, community testing, and exegetically checking the translation work, the final step involves the extremely specialized and valuable role of consultant. The major task of consultants is to lead consultations, checking the work of translation projects in a deep, exegetically- sound way.  Knowledge of translation principles and Biblical languages are vital for working with back translations of a team’s work to ensure the most accurate-to-the-autographs product possible. Consultants could also lead seminars on translation issues, adding to the capacity of national translators and improving translation work on the front end.

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