Translation Specialist

Translation Specialists work alongside nationals to translate God’s Word into the local language in an accurate, clear, and natural way.


  •   A deep love of the Word of God
  •   A commitment to the accurate portrayal of God’s message through the Bible
  •   A vision to see the least-reached people of the world transformed by God’s Word


  •   Knowledge of Biblical languages and translation principles
  •   A sharp, quick analytical mind to make wise translation decisions and deal with huge amounts of data
  •   Strong language learning skills and communication ability

Translation specialists train and empower local people to translate the Bible into their own language. During training, they study Biblical languages, linguistics, and translation principles. On the field, they are language and culture learners as they build relationships and gain insight into the community in which they work. They help coordinate the translation process, training and facilitating the efforts of local translators from rough drafts through checking to publication and distribution.

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