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Derek and Allison were eager to start translating God’s Word with a Bibleless people group in Africa. They had made their home among the Muliga people and had begun learning their language. Their next step was to facilitate a meeting in which local leaders would select five people to oversee the Bible translation work. This involved hosting a gathering of over 50 pastors, government officials, and village leaders.

Thirteen church denominations would be represented at this meeting. Alison and Derek saw great potential for heated arguments and damaged relationships. They knew this gathering needed to be bathed in prayer.

So they issued an urgent call for prayers for peace and unity. They hosted a prayer gathering on Zoom. And they invited their partners to pray over the meeting while it was taking place.

God heard the consistent, unified cry of His people, and He answered just like Jesus promised (Luke 11:5-12; Matthew 18:19-20). The meeting was a huge success! Instead of the heated arguments that could have happened, the 70 attendees engaged in spirited, productive discussions for 6½ hours. They ended by selecting five community members to oversee the Bible translation work. 

God’s people prayed, and God answered! Derek and Allison could now move forward with the translation project backed by a unified Church.

When you pray:

  • Praise God for His peace that permeated the meeting, and praise Him for its outcome.
  • Ask God to sustain the peace and unity displayed at this meeting as the Muliga team begins translating God’s Word.
  • Pray for God to unify His Church all around the globe so that His Kingdom will continue to expand.
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