Thursday Prayer Focus

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Pioneer Bible Translators serves among some of the world’s least-reached people groups. Many teammates live in physically and spiritually challenging circumstances. Your prayers for them matter! We invite you to pray specifically for missionaries you know personally as well as for our entire missionary team as they minister.

  • Impactful ministry flows from a person’s relationship with God. Pray for a vibrant, growing spiritual life for each teammate.
  • The intensity of cross-cultural life and ministry brings unique stresses to relationships, especially marriages. Pray for healthy marriages that model God’s desires for how husbands and wives should treat each other.
  • Children gain numerous benefits growing up in cross-cultural ministry families. Pray that they will recognize and appreciate their experiences while also honestly facing the accompanying challenges.
  • Faithful prayer and financial support is crucial. Pray that those who promise to pray for our personnel and financially enable their ministries will fulfill their commitments.
  • The ruler of this dark age does not want God’s Kingdom to grow and spread. Pray that God will protect our missionaries as well as the local teammates with whom they serve physically, spiritually, and relationally.
  • Many serve in areas devastated by war, political upheaval, natural disasters, or other types of crises. Pray that God will protect them and those they serve as His Kingdom is being established in these difficult places.
  • We desire to see churches using Scripture to grow, mature, and multiply. Pray that our personnel will experience the joy of seeing God bringing this about in the places where they serve.
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