Thursday Prayer Focus: Simple But Not Easy

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Many of our overseas workers live in places with limited access to goods and services that much of the world’s population take for granted. During a recent visit, the mother of one of our teammates saw stark differences between her home country and the rural location where her daughter and son-in-law now live.

Life in my daughter’s place of service is simple. Yes, it’s simple, but it’s NOT easy. It is simple in its daily routine, but every part of that routine requires effort to exist.

When we arrived in their rural location, we discovered that their water tank had a leak. The simple task of getting water for cooking and cleaning was now a difficult task. So my son-in-law became a plumber to repair the leak. But the parts he needed are not readily available, so he used creativity and resourcefulness instead.

Their electricity comes from their solar power system. Keeping their system in good repair requires my son-in-law to become an electrician so we are able to cook, use fans (no air conditioners here!), and communicate with the outside world through their computers and cell phones. Once again — simple but NOT easy!

There was no food in the house when we arrived in their village home. A trip to the market became crucial. But going to the market isn’t like going to the grocery store and finding everything you need for the meals you’ve planned. So my daughter becomes a chef, making everything from scratch and improvising for items that weren’t available on this shopping trip. Simple but not easy!

Relationships here are simple and friendly, but NOT easy. Seeing anyone as you walk around or sit on your porch requires five minutes of greetings to each person.

I have gained a renewed appreciation and respect for workers in developing countries, and I now know how to pray more intelligently for their needs as they LABOR for the Gospel — simply but NOT easily!

For our teammates who live in places where daily life is “simple but not easy,” please pray: 

  • For God to grant them the measure of endurance, creativity, and patience needed each day.
  • For the gift of being able to rise above frustration and discouragement and fix their eyes on Jesus in the face of each “not easy” situation that comes their way.
  • For the joy of seeing fruit in the lives of the people among whom they live and serve — joy that helps them maintain a Kingdom-focused perspective on the “not easy.”
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