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Because you gave his people God’s Word, Yakobi’s marriage was saved!

God’s Word is transforming hearts as people receive it in their own language.

The scandalous news spread quickly through the close-knit African community. “Yakobi’s wife is pregnant!” But her husband was not the child’s father — and everyone knew it.

Family members began taking sides. Neighbors intensified the gossip. Community leaders prepared to render judgment. Yakobi, who should have been adding to the commotion by loudly denouncing his unfaithful wife, was nowhere to be found.

He was locked in his small dwelling, sitting on his bed, leafing carefully through the pages of a Book. He was certain it contained the guidance he desperately needed, but he didn’t know where to find it. Searching a Book to learn God’s desires was a new idea for him.

You, and donors like you, helped give Yakobi and his people the Word of God in their own language.

“Kon-kon-kon!” The voice urgently “knocking” outside Yakobi’s door was familiar. It belonged to the friend who had been reading the Holy Book with him for several months. Yakobi wasted no time asking for help. “I want to do what God tells me to do, but where is it written?”

The friend smiled as he began showing Yakobi Scriptures that answered his question. First they read the writings of Hosea. This prophet had faced a similar situation, and he had not condemned his wife. Then they looked at Jesus’ words about forgiveness.

Your generosity made it possible for Yakobi to be guided by God’s Word.

Finally Yakobi was ready to face the crowd outside his door. God’s Word had spoken, and Yakobi had made up his mind. He would not follow the dictates of his culture. He would instead obey the teachings in the Holy Book.

The crowd listened in stunned disbelief as he rendered his verdict on his wife and their marriage. He would not beat her. He would not send her away. He would not divorce her. Instead, she would stay with him and have the baby. He would raise the child as his own.

Because you gave, God’s powerful Word is transforming Yakobi’s life. Thank you!

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