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God’s Word Saved Nyami’s Life!

Nyami had no hope. Her despair was so deep that she decided to lock herself and her children in their house and set it on fire.

Nyami’s first husband had died. Her second husband had kicked her and the children out of his house. She didn’t know how to provide for them in the midst of a devastating war in her East African home. She couldn’t bear the crushing weight of all the trauma in her life.

God used your giving to stop Nyami’s deadly plan.

Because you gave, Pioneer Bible missionaries started meetings in Nyami’s village for men and women who had experienced trauma. On the very evening that she planned to kill herself and her children, a church leader came to her house and invited her to attend.

Nyami wasn’t interested — until the leader explained that this meeting was for God to heal people’s hearts. After he left, a voice told Nyami, “God doesn’t want you to die in sin.”

Because you gave, Nyami did not take her own life that night.

Instead, she went to the meeting. She heard the leaders tell how God created the world to be good but how sin disrupted it. She heard stories of people like Esther and Job, who trusted God through their suffering. She heard examples in the Psalms of raw and honest laments to God, which helped her openly express her own pain and grief.

Nyami encountered God’s healing Word, and it saved her life.

At the end of the meeting she shared her own story. She told everyone what she had been planning to do. Then she told how the Scriptures spoke to her — how they helped her understand that God is not far from her when she is suffering.

Nyami finished by proclaiming, “I’m saved by my God! May His Name be glorified forever!”

Thank you for caring about people like Nyami. She no longer has to struggle under the oppressive burden of her trauma. Now she is proclaiming to others how God has saved her.

Your generosity has enabled Pioneer Bible Translators to conduct trauma healing meetings for people from more than 30 language groups around the world. You are bringing hope and healing through God’s Word to hundreds of people like Nyami.

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