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You Brought the Gospel of Luke to the Mountain People!

Because you gave, people in East Africa received Scripture ­— and they are dancing with joy!

You’ve brought joy to the Mountain People in East Africa.

Not because of the excitement of visitors in their midst.

Not because they got to feast on roasted goat.

It’s because you gave them the book of Luke in their own language—Scripture they have because of your generous giving. For the first time ever they were hearing God’s Word in their own language, and they were ready to party!

The Mountain People translation team had traveled to this distant village, bringing with them hot-off-the-press copies of the book of Luke. Children huddled on the ground in the shade. Soldiers loitered nearby, rifles propped against trees. Community “big men” in long white robes and turbans sat along one side, and military leaders in fatigues sat along the other.

In the center of it all was a table. On that table were copies of Inycil Luka, the Gospel of Luke that you helped translate.

The missionary who leads the translation team asked if anyone had ever heard words from God in their own language. No one had. Then she asked if they would like to hear some. Heads nodded all around.

One of the translators read Luke 1:46-55. For the first time ever the Mountain People heard God’s promise of redemption and protection. They were enthralled. Some exclaimed joyfully, “It’s sweet to our ears!” Thank you for helping spread the joy of God’s Word.

Afterwards everyone feasted on roasted goat and danced in celebration. Their stomachs were full, their hearts were full, and they rejoiced.

Because you gave, the Mountain People are hearing God’s promise of redemption, and they are dancing with joy!

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