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You provided the New Testament for the Dekamo people of East Africa!

The Dekamo live in an area with very few Christians. It has been tough for missionaries and local evangelists to reach them with the Gospel.

Missionaries had their residency permits revoked. Local authorities banned Christian activities. The Bible translators struggled with chronic health problems.

Meanwhile, the Dekamo continued to live without God’s Word in their language.

“There is a battle at hand here,” said missionaries Stephen and Joscelyn Hill. “We know that Satan does not want the Dekamo people to worship and praise their Creator.”

But God is stronger than Satan, and He has used your generosity to bring His Word to the Dekamo!

On August 7 the Dekamo people celebrated receiving the New Testament in their own language. They are grateful for your faithfulness.

Your investment began bearing fruit even before the New Testament was complete. As passages were drafted, the Dekamo translators read Scripture in villages with anyone who would listen. Sometimes people reacted with hostility, but others were eager to hear God’s Word for the first time ever.

One village leader at first refused to read Scripture. But eventually he changed his mind and the power of God’s Word cut to his heart. God convicted him for kicking his wife out of their home. His marriage was restored, and he testified to the whole village about what God had done.

A woman in another village had always refused to listen to anything about Christianity. But when she heard God’s Word in Dekamo she felt deeply moved, and she decided to follow Jesus.

Thank you for caring about Bibleless people. Your compassion has enabled 1.2 million Dekamo speakers to have eternal hope through God’s Word.

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You are making an eternal investment by giving God’s life-changing Word to people who have never had it before!

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