Donor Impact Story

You Helped Aunt Rose Share Bible Stories with Neighbors!

With Scripture in her own language, she could share the Good News!

Aunt Rose is a Christian, but she had little opportunity to study what the Bible teaches. You helped her read Bible stories in her own language and share them with her neighbors!

Rose is a woman in Southeast Asia who speaks the Nest language. She serves on the team translating the New Testament and 50 Bible stories into the Nest language.

Rose is a Christian, but she had no Bible in her own language. Without God’s Word in her own language, she sometimes found it difficult to share her faith with her neighbors.

That’s where you stepped in to help!

You made it possible for Rose to help translate a set of 50 Bible stories into her own language. She finally had what she needed to share with her neighbors!

Rose shared, “After working on the Bible stories … I was able to speak for several minutes about the things I have learned from the Bible.”

Your support for this translation started a ripple effect that continues to this day!

Thank you, and praise God that His Word is being spread among the Nest people!

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