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You Helped Give Refugees Bibles in their Own Language!

“When I read these words in my own language, that has a greater impact— a greater meaning to my soul!”

How would you feel if you knew there was a Bible in your language but you weren’t able to have a copy?

That was the reality for a church in Fort Worth, Texas. The members are Bembe people from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. They came here after fleeing the atrocities of civil war in their homeland.

The Bible existed in their own Bembe language. But when they fled the Congo, they had to leave their copies behind. Getting new ones from the Congo to the United States was harder than anyone could have imagined. So they had to read the Bible in other languages—languages they don’t understand as well.

But you have changed that!

Pioneer Bible Translators didn’t translate the Bembe Bible. But you know that when you give, you’re not just giving to translate. You’re also giving so that everyone can have enduring access to God’s Word in their own language.

Thanks to your generosity, Bembe refugees now have Bibles in their own language. You made that happen.

Jean Marie, an elder in the Bembe church, said, “I feel really touched that I can finally hold in my hands a Bible written in the language that my mother used when I was still on her lap.”

Thank you for helping shine God’s light into the Bembe community. Thank you for helping them get Bibles. Thank you for giving them the opportunity to read and hear God’s Word in their own language.

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You are making an eternal investment by giving God’s life-changing Word to people who have never had it before!

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