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You Helped Sory Learn That Jesus is God!

Sory struggled to believe that Jesus is God. But everything changed as he studied the Bible with the Sankaran translation team.

Your generosity helped to open Sory’s eyes to see Jesus as the one true God!

For generations, Sory’s people have followed the majority religion in West Africa. They recognize Jesus as a prophet but not the Messiah or God.

But when Sory began helping translate the Bible into his own language, he learned that Jesus was more than just a prophet. He decided to follow Jesus. But he still struggled to understand that Jesus was actually God in human flesh.

One day, he and the other translators were studying John 9, where Jesus healed a blind man by scooping up some dust, wetting it, and applying it to the man’s eyes.

The study leader asked the group questions about the passage, and suddenly Sory began to understand something powerful. Just as

God used dust to form Adam and Eve, Jesus used dust to heal a blind man and make him whole. He realized Jesus IS God!

Sory is now more deeply committed to following the teachings of Jesus. He is also eagerly sharing all that he is learning with his wife and children and in his community.

Thank you for helping Sory know the truth that Jesus is God! Please pray for Sory and the other Sankaran translators as they learn more about Jesus and allow Him to work in their hearts.

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