Finance Professional

Finance personnel may be bookkeepers or accountants who use their skills to advance the ministries in the field by overseeing the financial activities of teams and team members.


  •   Experiencing life abroad
  •   Expediting the work of translation via efficient support ministries
  •   Gracefully guiding the uninitiated through confusing forms and procedures


  •   Excellent attention to detail
  •   Familiarity with Excel and QuickBooks
  •   Flexibility and a spirit of understanding toward cultural differences regarding money

Finance personnel bring their skills with details and numbers to help teams manage financial resources.  Our finance team strives for the highest accuracy and accountability with our supporters, local governments, and missionaries. On the field, our team keeps track of incoming funds, exchange rates, capital purchases, and overall financial coordination for the various ministry teams. It also ensures compliance with all financial rules in the host country and coordinates spending reports back to the central office in the US for tax purposes.

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