Literacy Evangelist

Literacy Evangelists use existing literacy curriculum and translated Scriptures to teach others to read and to share the Gospel.


  •   Encouraging disenfranchised people to overcome obstacles to literacy
  •   Empowering individuals to access God’s Word and transform their communities with the gospel
  •   Holistic ministry addressing poverty, lack of opportunity, health needs and more


  •   Ability to work with community leaders to organize the resources and abilities to reach out to those around them
  •   Patience and love towards hundreds of thousands left behind in education because of their circumstances
  •   Teaching ability

Literacy Evangelists take existing literacy materials and Scripture and use those materials to teach literacy skills and train others to teach.  Literacy programs emphasize using the mother tongue as the gateway to basic literacy.  Our vision for language programs is to see literacy become a sustainable community value with the ownership of literacy goals and activities in the hands of the people.

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