Congolese Refugee Bible Translation & Literacy Internship

Louisville, Kentucky
Pioneer Bible Translators Congolese Refugee Bible Translation & Literacy Internship in Lousiville, Kentucky

Across the world in many places that accept refugees, there are communities of a heavily persecuted and displaced people group from eastern Congo called the Banyamulenge. Because of the unstable environment in their home area, we have organized a project stateside to serve their needs. We are primarily involved in four major outreach strategies: Bible translation, literacy, trauma healing and media/online engagement.

The Banyamulenge are a Christian group, but they don’t have a Bible in the language they know best. Our goals are to help this community find their voice, empower their ministries, build discipleship, retain their culture and language while living abroad, and help them understand and love the Bible more through their own language.

Focus: Bible translation exegetical work, literacy development, building relationships with refugees, community engagement, media (primarily online engagement through our YouTube channel and WhatsApp) and trauma healing

Potential Opportunities:

  • Bible translation – exegesis
  • Literacy – development, testing and distribution of literacy materials
  • Community Development – making relationships with refugees, working in ESL/trauma healing/life skills
  • Media – developing the project’s social media presence to reach Banyamulenge in other countries
What kind of interns are we looking for?
  • Humble, teachable, servant leaders
  • Disciple makers
  • Self-directed individuals who are comfortable taking initiative
  • A heart for refugees
  • Background and specific skills in the above areas are beneficial
  • Flexible and adaptable


Are you interested in applying for this internship?

Application Deadline: December 1, 2023

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