Literacy Specialist

Literacy Specialists develop literacy programs in languages where there is an ongoing project. 


  • Encouraging disenfranchised people to overcome obstacles to literacy
  • Empowering individuals to access God’s Word and transform their communities with the gospel
  • Holistic ministry addressing poverty, lack of opportunity, health needs, and more


  • Ability to work with community leaders to organize their resources and abilities to reach out to those around them
  • Creativity to develop publications and systems which support the growing reader
  • Training in orthography development for languages where there is no written language
  • Patience and love towards hundreds of thousands left behind in education because of their circumstances

Literacy specialists empower under-resourced language communities to thrive within their own environment and in multilingual contexts.  The Word of God comes to life as literacy specialists work alongside nationals to create local language resources for education and promote literacy skills through oral, visual, written, and digital forms.  They emphasize using the mother tongue as the gateway to basic literacy. The vision is for literacy to become a sustainable community value with the ownership of its goals and activities in the hands of the people. For previously unwritten languages, this work includes developing alphabets, overseeing the production of primers and reading materials, and teaching reading and writing. They also train national teachers to teach the skills.

Most of our teammates raise support on behalf of Pioneer Bible Translators for their ministry roles. Support raising is not about money — it’s about prayerfully inviting people everywhere to participate in what God is doing to fulfill His mission.

We provide training to help you:

  • Gain confidence in communicating the Biblical foundation for living on support, asking others to invest, and understanding “The God Ask.”
  • Learn best practices and gain confidence in sharing your presentation.
  • Rehearse with your peers and make real calls for appointments.
  • Experience the value of meeting face to face with people and asking for support.
  • Discover how to cultivate lasting relationships with your supporters.

We will work with you to develop a budget based on your ministry role, where you’re going, and your family’s personal needs. Our goal is for you to be adequately funded to maximize the fruitfulness of your ministry and your family.

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