Donor Impact Story

God used your generosity to help a new Christian share his faith.

“Tim! Tim! We need to talk!” Ibrahim spotted his missionary friend in the crowded East African market. They hadn’t seen each other in over two years, and Ibrahim had exciting news to share. 

Ibrahim remembered when he had first met Tim. The tall American had stopped at his roadside market stall to buy some fried potatoes, and they’d struck up quite a conversation. After that, Tim came often to practice conversing in Ibrahim’s language. They began discussing spiritual matters, and before long Tim invited Ibrahim to study the Bible with other men.

Ibrahim attended the study for several weeks. Tim gave him a Bible to read at home. But when his brother saw him studying it, he was furious. “What do you think you are doing, reading that Christian book? Get it out of here!”

Despite his brother’s opposition, Ibrahim continued attending the study and reading his Bible.

Your generosity is enabling Scripture to reach the hearts of people like Ibrahim, whose community has suppressed it for generations.

When Ibrahim was offered a job in a nearby country, he left without being able to tell Tim. He read his Bible faithfully in his new home, wishing he had a way to tell Tim all that was happening.

Now, two years later, he was back home. And there was Tim!

“Tim! I’ve been working in another country, but I kept reading the Bible you gave me. I found a church, and my wife and I were both baptized!”

Tim invited Ibrahim to return to the Bible study, and he eagerly agreed.

The small gathering included men Ibrahim didn’t know. He sat down next to one of them and introduced himself. As they visited, Ibrahim learned that their two families shared the same religious background. Knowing the opposition his new friend was likely to face, Ibrahim smiled in encouragement as together they opened God’s Word.

Your gift is being multiplied as those who receive God’s Word share it with others in their communities. Thank you!

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