Donor Impact Story

You Helped Daniel Learn to Read in the Toma Language!

Daniel’s business improved, and he learned to follow Jesus by studying God’s Word.

Daniel couldn’t read and found himself struggling to run his tailoring business.

Sometimes he missed out on being paid for his work. Because he couldn’t read, he wasn’t able to issue invoices and track payments.

One day, Daniel started attending literacy classes your gift helped provide. He learned to read and write in the Toma language.

Daniel’s tailoring business improved almost immediately. He could keep track of customer orders, measurements, and payments. As his business flourished, he purchased more sewing and embroidery machines and took on many apprentices.

More importantly, learning to read was also a vital part of Daniel’s faith journey.

Finally, he could read and study God’s Word for himself!

Today, Daniel teaches others to read. He is the literacy program supervisor and trains literacy teachers. Daniel is bilingual, and he hopes to help translate the Bible into his other language.

Thank you for helping Daniel learn to read and for giving him God’s Word. Your support started a wave that is now reaching other people through Daniel. Praise God!

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