Donor Impact Story

You Helped Equip Kenny to Say “Yes” to God’s Call!

God called Kenny to help with Bible translation, but he felt inadequate because of his lack of education.

Kenny lives in Papua New Guinea. As a younger man he was rebellious — he liked to get drunk and fight.

One day Kenny realized that God had work for him, and he gave up drinking and fighting to pursue God’s purpose for his life.

Kenny felt God calling him to do literacy work and Bible translation. He wanted to say “Yes!” to God’s call, but he had never been to school.

You helped Kenny have the faith and confidence needed to help complete the Apal translation!

Even though he felt inadequate, Kenny kept focusing on the translation and literacy work God had for him. God gave Kenny wisdom and enabled him to learn so he could translate His Word into Apal.

Today, Kenny encourages other pastors and leaders with these words:

“I didn’t have the wisdom to be a translator, but the work was completed. You can realize it’s true: this man isn’t able to do anything. But God’s wisdom is greater than all wisdom.”

Thank you for helping Kenny discover God’s faithfulness! You helped him respond in faith to translate the Apal Scriptures.

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