Thursday Prayer Focus: Teammates Serving in Places Experiencing Tension and Violent Conflict

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Some places where Pioneer Bible Translators serves are experiencing the political and ethnic tensions, repression, and violent conflict that characterize much of our world today. Your prayers for the missionaries and national co-workers who minister in these places are vital to their ability to persevere and serve in impactful ways.

  • Some of the people we serve have fled their homes to escape the violence. Pray that they will have adequate food, clothing, and shelter in their temporary homes and that they will receive these as gifts from God.
  • Some people we serve have experienced unspeakable atrocities. Pray that God will work powerfully through trauma care and other encounters with His Word as our teammates interact with these hurting men, women, and children.
  • Our personnel seek to show God’s love and share His truth in the midst of turmoil, loss, and uncertainty. Pray that God will empower them to serve in ways that have lasting impact.
  • Our personnel face potential dangers as they serve in areas affected by conflict and violence and in the places to which people flee. Pray that God will keep these teammates physically safe, emotionally stable, and spiritually strong.
  • Pray that God will protect our personnel from spiritual, emotional, and physical burnout.
  • Pray that the tensions, repression, and violence will end so that people can resume the patterns of their daily lives and those who have been displaced can return to their homes. Pray that they will rebuild their lives with Jesus at the center.
  • Pray that God’s Kingdom will grow rapidly in each place of violence and unrest. Pray for the transformation of every affected community.
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