Linguistics Internship


This region is home to some of the most unique languages on Earth. This internship will provide an opportunity to experience Eurasia and learn about the many opportunities available there. Interns will participate in language learning, as well as have opportunities to visit different parts of the area, learning about the languages there. Activities could include supporting the local team through desktop publishing, linguistic data management, practical support for field personnel, and prayer. There are very few believers among the minority groups in this area of the world, so all activities, including translation, are considered secondary to building relationships and discipleship.


Language learning, building relationships, discipleship, working as part of a multiethnic team, supporting literacy and translation efforts

What kind of interns are we looking for?
  • Humble, teachable, servant leaders
  • Individuals who love people and want to make disciples
  • Individuals who are open to developing strategies for how to impact communities with Scripture and to work alongside the majority language church
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Previous linguistic experience is helpful but not necessary

Are you interested in applying for this internship?

Application Deadline: December 1, 2023

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